Resources for independent game developers

Independant Game Developers need help sometimes. This is the blog form of a talk that was delivered last night @ the TCXNAUG meeting. For those of you who werent there, where can you get it? Here is a place to start.


Sounds can be found online for free or at certain retailers such as SoundSnap Pond5 or FlashKit. Additionally you can get free audio from freesound which was the approach used in the major motion picture Children of Men!

For use in XNA, (WP7) you can find a forum post answered by Shawn in AppHub, or see the Wiki article LOL. You can also search Fiverr for voice talent songs or sound effects…

Textures & Models

Fiverr also has models [a,b,c,d] in no specific order, you can also search on fiverr for more specific things such as concept art etc. (incidenlty if your looking for concept art check out DeviantArt, or ConceptArt, both are GREAT sites!) For individual models you can look to buy them (or get them free) from 3DValleyArtist-3D3DExportTurboSquid, or


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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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2 Responses to Resources for independent game developers

  1. AALIAH says:

    “here another fiverr clone website , just check and feedback, what do you think ?

    • louisila says:

      Yeah that looks very similar to fiverr, the price points are a lot larger, but I think your right, it looks like a great asset, thanks for posting!

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