Setting Up WIF

Last fall I posted this to CodeProject, however I had promised to update it with .. well updates, and as that project got going I lost track of time.. so here is that same post, I will be posting the errors separately as it makes for a really long article, this is the link for an index of those WIF Error & Fixes.

So there is a problem and a lot of online confusion about how to do a fresh install
of Windows Identity Foundation SDK. This tip specifically talks about using .NET
4.0 on Windows 7. (sorry SharePoint guys). I found a number of “answers” on-line
that didn’t work for me. I’m running a Dev machine, almost all software on
this machine is MSFT, it is to the most currently available update, and I’m using
VS 2008, VS 2010, SQLSVR 2008, IIS7. If you want to try it for yourself, you can
find it at the  MSFT Forefronet site[^]

How to install on a Full environment:
1. Be an Admin, and close all instances of Visual Studio (2010, 2008, 2005… etc…).

2a. Go into Programs and Features> then choose Turn Windows Features on or off. And enable all (except Gaming, unless you are into that…). make sure you get WCF Activation enabled as it is required for working with services, and Windows Integrated Authentication for work with ADFS (this will just save time)…

restart computer.. wait….

2b. Try to install the Identity Developer Training Kit[^] **I realize this is a bit vague. However I did both of these and it started working after a very long restart (It took about 2 hours…) so specifically I can’t say which part was the actual trigger.. but it
is more specific than any of the MSDN forums..

3.Try to install Windows Identity Foundation Runtime[^]
4.Install Windows Identity Foundation SDK[^]. ** Note that the templates are installed
into Visual Studio under new/web site… Recommended Sites:

Identity Training Kit[^]

Jim’s Code Blog

WIF Config Schema
As I am working with these installs over the next couple of weeks, I may need to do this process a number of times. Updates and refinements will be made where necessary.

I recommend getting the SecurityTokenVisualizerControl[^] It’s a very handy tool. If you are using VS2010, you will need to make a reference to the project which is included, the install script doesn’t work (even if you adjust your script privileges)

REMEMBER: You need to hook up this control in the Config file!

<!-- Don't forget to add the config setting to your RP config file. -->
 <service saveBootstrapTokens="true" >

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