WIF Errors & Fixes Index

Here is an index of links to details for the errors I encountered and my solutions to them while working with Windows Identity Foundation mentioned in my previous post. I’ve decided to add them here as it took considerable time to hunt down the actual cause of the problem, I hope this saves you some time.

As a general Guideline I have found that higher numbers are worse, and as you are making “progress” the Error ID#### will decrease, if your “solution” causes an increase I would believe it is not what you wanted to do.

ID1023     ID1024    ID1038     ID1039     ID1044    ID1059

ID4036     ID4039     ID4175     ID4213     ID4254     ID6013

I’m sorry if your error isn’t included in here buf feel free to leave a comment (and a solution) and I will add it to my list thx.


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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3 Responses to WIF Errors & Fixes Index

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  2. Mark says:

    please fix the links!

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