Kid Koala @ the Cedar

I went to Kid Koala at The Cedar (details here). It was a great show, long set, and although the crowd was perhaps less then a sixteenth capacity it was a great time!

I blame the poor turnout on bad promotion, I only found out because I have subscribed to the Kid Koala Newsletter (yeah i like his work that much). This was the third time I’ve seen him live, and over all it was a great time.

Previously I’ve seen him In NY but not at Santos that place got shut down for … illicit dealings, But I got to share a drink with Amon Tobin, and get his autographFrom my cell phone.

Kid koala @ First Ave for the Hard Sell tour, with Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow:

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2 Responses to Kid Koala @ the Cedar

  1. Frank Neubecker says:

    I was at this show! One of my all time favorite DJ’s!

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