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I’ve briefly mentioned Blender in a previous post, but today I feel like I need to go slightly more in depth. Emphasis on slightly..   Blender, currently in version 2.58,  is one of my favorite XNA Content Creation tools. the newest version has updated the interface and tool sets and it’s taking me some time to get back into the swing of things after having taken a couple of years off.. thatt is a long time to not use a hot keyed software and still remember the hot keys :

A hot key reference guide form

Noob to Pro

And so I went in hunt for a good tutorial.. Lots out there and finding just the right one is important, here are 47 to choose from (others here, here) I found two places that I recommend for finding out about blender in the context of making video games. First I found it helpul to get a refresher course from They have a bunch of videos each with a ranking for what level of experience you currently are and they label for audience on their tutorials page.

Secondly and honestly more exciting is KatsBits which is a site which focuses on content creation in blender for games. I’m a little sad that they don’t have a good set of tutorials explicitly about exporting content from Blender to XNA, but really that’s not the hard part it is making the models, and KatsBits does a great job of breaking it down. Including Gems such as Game models, physics, collision hulls & meshes

Modeling a map with Blender

Great stuff…

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