Gamification of Society

Recently foldit solved a protein puzzle which had stumped researchers for over 10 years, this was published (or at least I found out about it) the same week that facebook made big announcement on their new format, and Microsoft unveiled Bing Member Center, a masterful piece of marketing if I do say so myself.

You can read more about the idea using the links in the foldit article (this and this), go ahead I’ll wait.

*sipps on caffeinated beverage*

And recalling a similar discussion i had with a previous colleague back in my computational theory days, I am amazed at how far we’ve already gone down this path, and the ramifications of where this could take us WRT ( with respect to) Daily life, society, enterprise software and the list goes on and on… For example imagine a world where visual studio actually had Achievements { What if Visual Studio had Achievements (I would have almost all of those by the way)}, there would be clout to be had for achieving some of these technological feats, and developers could go into an interview with their their coder tag and show stats like what codeproject provides for members, Microsoft has started down this road, with their LIVE profiles (me@technet, me@AppHubs). But how would this influence your job, your excitement about your job and how you use common software applications? Should banks be allowed to have achievements for (Made 100 withdrawals in one day.) or (Bounced 5 checks) ..{lets be honest they are probably more excited about the later as opposed to the former, but it is an achievement!} would it change the way you use your ATM?

Would it drive us to learn about how to set the app settings? Could we use it as a metric for promotion, would we want to?

Just some things to think about as you go about your daily lives updating your facebook/twitter….. (note both have metrics for how “in” you are). Ohh and so does wordpress…


UPDATE: read here for new developments



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