WinRT Threading

I just completed watching Building Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8, andAvi Ben-Menahem mentioned that the new XBOX LIVE API was REST based, as well as it had a new threading mechanism, so I was Like.. Aww that would be awesome, lets look at it!!!
From the talk-Slide 22
Bing provided a link to a forum post which asked nearly what i was thing “I have a threaded app, how do i convert that to WinRT?”… not impressed, so i looked at the documentation for Windows.System.Threading namespace as well as the Windows.ApplicationModel.Background and i was shocked to see that they don’t have a “propper” Thread object!!! .. (o.k. yet, this is just a preview after all)..(EDIT: note this is in the metro API area, .Net does still have System.Threading)

I noticed a link to Rocky’s CSLA exploits and noticed that he had to make a work around for the concept of BackgroundWorker.

I’m excited to see what they did in Marbel Maze if they even used threading or not..?

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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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