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Gamification of Society

Recently foldit solved a protein puzzle which had stumped researchers for over 10 years, this was published (or at least I found out about it) the same week that facebook made big announcement on their new format, and Microsoft unveiled … Continue reading

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I laughed out loud at the airporrt

A friend sent me the link to The Daily WTF, I found this one to be the best: “I’m still not sure if the comment is a todo or an actual comment on what the code should do,” notes Alexander, … Continue reading

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Blender Tutorials and Websites

I’ve briefly mentioned Blender in a previous post, but today I feel like I need to go slightly more in depth. Emphasis on slightly..   Blender, currently in version 2.58,  is one of my favorite XNA Content Creation tools. the newest version has … Continue reading

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Science or Art?

I have a post on the Magenic Company Blog talking about how programmers are scientific craftsman go check it out.

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Be prepared to bow before your robot overlord.

So we are coming close to judgement day… Here is the proof… If you would like to contribute to the subjugation of humanity I recommend: Microsoft Robotics Studio Kinect SDK And Also: How To Survive a Robot Uprising:     … Continue reading

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Adventures in Deploying to WP7

Just a few things to check… or try. Using C:\Windows\System32\dxdiag.exe check that you have DirectX10 or better and WDDM 1.1, because 1.0 will not work, also be sure you have at least 4G memory!! if that is all o.k. you … Continue reading

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BWCAW Trip 2011

I went into the Boundary Waters this last week, drove up the Arrowhead Trail put in @ Johns Lake, and paddled over to Pine Lake. We then went over to Johnson Falls, the trail was a bit rough but the … Continue reading

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Kid Koala @ the Cedar

I went to Kid Koala at The Cedar (details here). It was a great show, long set, and although the crowd was perhaps less then a sixteenth capacity it was a great time! I blame the poor turnout on bad promotion, I only … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID4039

ID4039: A custom ServiceAuthorizationManager has been configured. Any custom ServiceAuthorizationManager must be derived from  IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager I got this one trying to implement  Securing WCF Data Services using WIF and i resolved it by switching to IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager

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WIF Error: ID4036

ID4036: The key needed to decrypt the encrypted security token could not be resolved from the following security key identifier ‘<KeyInfo xmlns=”….. {omitted}…Ensure that the SecurityTokenResolver is populated with the required key. -SOLUTION: you have the wrong signing credentials for this STS, … Continue reading

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