Scene Graphs for Gameing

Well normally I would be writing a post about how you can get stuff to work in XNA, however with WinRT coming out and me wanting to stay relevant both with my code and with this blog, I’ve begun refactoring my code in places to make it more condusive to migration to C++…

While looking at my implementation of an instanced scene graph, and thinking about how XNA manages services and Game Components, I decided to overhaul my approach.

So for Refactoring I wanted to double check my approach to scene graphs, I hit up  wikipedia and did some reading and found out about OpenSceneGraph so I read about it and did some digging on their site and I’m very excited and overwhelmed.. How is it that I’m just hearing about this now? Ahh right it’s a C++ and Java thing… Apparently I overlooked it when I was digging into Silverlight 5! Turns out when they unveiled Silverlight 5 they were using .x3d format. This was shown at mix11, makes me excited about the future, even if there may be some supposed “limitations” (more on that in another post maybe?).

One thing you’ll notice about me is that I love stuff that has XML in it, I’m a huge fan of serialization, and parse-ability as well as language standards (which XML has plenty of). It makes for a very reliable data interface layer, and It has very little overhead ( I believe Shawn Hargraves did a post on this(?))… so I plan to continue saving metadata in XML.

I’m also excited that my content creation tool of choice Blender also supports VRML and .x3d exporting (see also here and here)


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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