The 12 Types of Game Players

In this last weeks XNA UserGroup, we discussed aspects of game design, and how to target your audience with your game, here is a recap.

Game Tutorials

Love em’ or hate em’ game tutorials are a necessity, but everyone must agree that a bad tutorial will break you game, and a good tutorial experience should be transparent from the users perspective.

Here are two good video’s to start you thinking about tutorial design:

Quick video on tutorials:

Gamer Types

Here are the 12 types of gamer motivations Bartles types on the left column and the ones proposed by Nick Yee:

Killer Friend Opportunist
Socializer Griefer Planner
Achiever Hacker Politician
Explorer Networker Scientist

Targeting your Audience

Gamasutra has an article by Nick Yee on player preference in MMORPG’s, which started our discussion on targeting your audience. This brings up the cart before the horse idea of selecting an audience and then making a game for that audience, or perhaps selecting an audience and crafting your game play style to appeal specificity to that audiences demographic.


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  1. roier says:

    nice post, and cool video 🙂

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