Making HTML5 Games

After Deciding that I would make an HTML5 Game I started doing what any good developer does, Hits the internet. Some of the first links that came up were for content ready game engines, and they look very slick, specifically However I’m not interested in in just adding content
to my game, I want to develop it. Go I kept hunting for more information on HTML5,
these three sites were fun to look at:

but they didn’t offer any real game development content, I found a great cheat sheet for HTML5. However, I did finally come across an amazing site which I will use to further my education. One thing to note is that I couldn’t run the samples @ due to the low bandwidth at home. Once I got to work on Monday however they examples worked beautifully.

Click for PNG, or PDF from original site


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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