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Hi all, I’ve noticed a dreadful lack of clarity (at least from how my mind functions) when it comes to presenting Windows Workflow 4 Activity wiring to Developers. Now granted while diving into the older posts and articles I have noticed this problem is not new to WF4, it has been around for quite some time. So I would like to propose the following approach to displaying Workflow activity wiring to developers. Note that these diagrams are not concerned with the underlying flow of logic, for which visio is the most common tool, but the overview of how the Workflow itself is wired.

The Activity
The basic parts of the diagram are the component (CodeActivity, NativeActivity etc…), the arguments (shown here by direction on the right) each have a wiring to a variable (here denoted by the color filled circle). Taken by itself at the Activity level the Argument-Variable wiring is compelling.

A Code Activity Wiring Diagram

A Code Activity Wiring Diagram

The Workflow

Taking a view at the variables defined within the context of a sequence, the wiring diagram comes together. We see the variables defined at the Sequence scope, each variable wiring 1:1 with the first activity of the sequence to In/Out Arguments, note that there are no in or out arguments on the first activity. The second activity has a green, orange, and blue variable wired to an In, In/Out and Out argument respectively.  With the variables being abandoned in the scope of the sequence.

Look how easy it is to read!

Look how easy it is to read!


I believe the diagram speaks volumes  to anyone who is versed in Windows Workflows, and I hope it will introduce clarity for others in the future.


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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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