Stargate and Sliders




I watch a lot of T.V. while I code, lately I’ve watched the first three seasons of Sliders on and I’ve come to a conclusion about my beloved Stargate series… it is basically a remake of Sliders. Granted not all of the episodes map directly 1:1 however starting in mid-Season 3 I started noticing that Stargate has mirrored many of the slider episodes. And the similarities go further than that a group of explorers who travel thru worm holes, exploring other worlds. They are always subjected to new technologies but never really manage to learn anything, or keep anything for themselves based on a sense of morality that eventually gets old.

Common theme episodes

The Island of Dr. Moreau  –Sliders – Stargate(multiple times, w/n’earti, and others)

Zombie Apocalypse –Sliders -Stargate (& Atlantis-(Season 5, Episode 17 – “Infection”))

Robot Apocalypse – Sliders – Stargate(it’s in there .. repeatedly see replicators)

Kromagg  – Sliders (really ?) – Stargate (really — on a number of different levels.)

(and I am already tired of this game, but trust me there are many…)


hunt down your own

List of Sliders episodes & List of Stargate Episodes


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