I officially have a new travel destination !!!!

John The Aussie

A name derived from indigenous Australian name of kupa-piti.  What the flaming heck does kupa-piti mean, well it means; white man watering hole.  (And I am asking why the bloody hell you said flaming heck.)  Known world-wide as the The Opal Capital Of The World, to me it’s known as ‘Miner’s Hell).

John The Aussie

I’ve been there three times and have seen it all… well that was until they left the damned props of Pitch Black (ya know Riddick?) out there to help with tourism.

Now don’t get me wrong, every tourist of Australia, and every Australian for that matter, should  see Coober Pedy and find one of the few, true meanings of a hard life.  A bloke, his son and a mate discovered opals here in a year that I cannot recall and cannot be bothered researching because ya’ll don’t care and if I tell you too much, you have an excuse not to visit.  After half…

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  1. Yay for blogs that inspire tourism. The bloke who wrote this is funny as hell.

    Ps. Thanks for the reblog.

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