Robots Shaped Like Females

Are they more dangerous then Zombies?

Apparently I’m not the only one to notice that cyborgs can be made in attractive housings. However I wonder just how safe this really is for humanity…

Think about it, a man will basically do whatever a beautiful woman wants them to do, take Gaius Baltar he screwed over humanity repeatedly for the Cylons, we all look at him with a bit of disgust, but lets be honest if your given the choice between self preservation (with the Cylon “ladies” ; 3, 6 & 8 below) or a concentration camp I think almost all of humanity woudl pick the former over the latter…

Now Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that we just cave to our steely feminine overloards, but let me remind you of all of the pain that has been inflicted by a female android to anyone who tells them no!

Blade Runner’s Pris comes to mind, as a wonderful example of a cyborg that althought she was made for .. well you know, turns out to be a killer. Similar scenarios have played out in Ghost in the Shell .. and then there is the even more confusing situation when you start to think about who or what is actually controlling these things. Take the Major form Ghost in the Shell, I’m still not sure if she wasn’t a man in a female chasis.. what are your thoughts? Just a word of warning, Don’t trust a robot shaped like a woman….


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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One Response to Robots Shaped Like Females

  1. Zombies says:

    Completely.. Also, read the book do androids dream of electric sheep (blade runner movie); you’ll get an even sicker insight into robotic women. Pris is a Rachel model in the book, and well… some things are different. Just read it! 😀

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