WinRT on XBox

So you want to play your game on XBox huh, well As far as I can tell for the foreseeable future.

Microsoft has seeming been very tight lipped on how someone would get a WinRT game into XBox next. I’ve spent some time digging around on the internet, thinking well maybe they have said something.. Nada.

Guess this means that if your developing a WinRT game you will be in the same boat for the time being as BBC Radio when it comes to getting it onto the XBox.


We won’t heart anything from Microsoft until they:


  • Release the next version of XBOX which is rumored to be Running WinRT
  • Release the Silverlight Version of XNA in Game Studio 5.0 or the WinRT (Xaml) version of XNA (lets call it Xnaml)

Good luck, …  lets meet back here later to discuss how right, or wrong I am..


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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