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Space Justice

I was watching BattleStar Galactica today,  and I was wondering to myself how it is that Tom_Zarek, never got shoved out an airlock. It is eventual justice that he and Felix_Gaeta  eventually get the firing squad, but it got me to thinking about … Continue reading

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Space Ships

Here is a fairly extensive selection of space ship comparisons… originaly found here This isn’t actually complete.. a more complete list of space ships can be found here, (, they are not as side by side and the images are … Continue reading

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Looking around on TripAdvisor I found these sunsets, enjoy.

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Python and Microsoft

Apparently I am behind the times a little, but Microsoft is suporting Python in Visual Studio! It’s not really all that surprising I guess, Python in Azure, setting up Hadoop, it only makes sense. Codeplex is even hosting PyTools, which will allow … Continue reading

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