Space Justice

I was watching BattleStar Galactica today,  and I was wondering to myself how it is that Tom_Zarek, never got shoved out an airlock. It is eventual justice that he and Felix_Gaeta  eventually get the firing squad, but it got me to thinking about “Space Justice”.

Space they say is cold and empty… shoving someone out an airlock especially in “Deep Space,” really has a lot of deeper implications, and social parallels. There is an aspect of ostracization, exile and abandon that I think cuts to the bone. When we as oxygen breathing beings find ourselves suffocating underwater, we panic as our environment closes in on us. “Death by Depressurization,” as it may be called has the opposite subliminal connotation that we have been so abandoned that even our molecules want to leave us. The idea is itself chilling.

Is this why it is not utilized in more main stream science fiction? The barbaric concept of exile or drowning could fall under the category of  cruel and unusual punishment.

Imagine how much better the 12 colonies would have been if they would have relieved the fleet of Tom Zarek once they found out he was using their oxygen. Don’t even get me started on this guy:

Sleaze Ball

Gaius Baltar


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2 Responses to Space Justice

  1. Loved the first half of your perspective, about the feeling of the outsize factor. Haven’t decided what is to be done with those who we consider take up our air, seeing as no story is even interesting without them. And because I’m one of them. Ha ha.

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