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XNA, Past, Present and Future

A talk I gave on last Spring… on the Past, Present and Future of XNA in a Windows 8 /WinRT world. THis may be out dated now.. Sorry it took so long.. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 … Continue reading

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C++ path into Win8

C++ in Win8 The most important (IMHO) thing to keep in mind is that you need to do some planning and make a decision as to which platforms you want to target (the reason why). Here I am focused on … Continue reading

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Contract requir…

Contract requires Session, but Binding ‘BasicHttpBinding’ doesn’t support it or isn’t configured properly to support it.   .. you need to make a session duh!

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The Next Generation

If you can’t program you should be ashamed this Kid can!    

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error MSB3073: The command “{path}” exited with code 9009. Workaround:   More Details: MSB3073 is just a generic error that means an Exec task returned a non-zero error code. (reference) 9009 is cmd.exe’s way of saying “blah is not an … Continue reading

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Bing WP7 Translater

I just used my phone to translate a static photo in another language to help me debug the UI! Technology is amazing.. Go get yours Bing Translater  

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Play-Pause-Resume XBOX Live

A while back i was watching a talk about PlayPauseResume for XBOX Live, unfortunately I can’t remember which talk or conference it was in, but I think it was presented at or around the same time as SmartGlass at e3.  Anyways I was really hoping to … Continue reading

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Pathmapp Launches An A/B Testing And Visual Analytics Service For Mobile Developers

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
As Eric Ries pointed out in a TechCrunch post last year, although many may be familiar with “A/B testing” as a direct marketing technique (what it was initially developed for), it can be an even more…

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Manga Studio

I’m going to use Manga Studio!! I’ve been looking for an excuse to start making an HTML5 game, now I have one. I’ve entered into the 30 Day Journey to Win8 challenge, and with some help and support from Magenic in … Continue reading

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It Support

If your in IT Support you will appreciate this video:

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