Step by step to deploying App to Surface

Magenic recently gave out it’s Christmas present, so the first thing I did was try to deploy code to it.. and then I wrote the tutorial,  so you can:

  1. Download the ARM version of Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012  to your Surface (I believe that you’ll need to be running Windows 8 on your development machine). Install it.
  2. Have something to Deploy, I’m using the DirectX marble maze game sample from MSDN.
  3. On your Surface start the Visual Studio Remote Debugging monitor.
  4. You will need to know your Surfaces’s IP address I used “IP Address” by Jujuba Software (it’s free).

    Jujuba IP Address Screen Shot

    Once I Installed this, I opened it up and copied the IP that it displayed for my local IP address (put that in a .txt file on my desktop). You will need that for later.

  5. Once you have your IP address saved and aside open the Marble Maze solution in Visual Studio.
  6. Next go into the solution settings and Set your solution to ARM.
  7. Then go into the Project Settings and set your IP (local) and set it to ARM if those settings didn’t propagate)
  8. You’re almost there, Now just select Remote Debugging in the Debug Drop-down and click debug.
  9. If  you’re using a machine attached to another Domain you’ll be asked to supply login credentials for your surface. Otherwise you will just deploy normally. Your login credentials for your surface device are the machine name followed by your full live email, So for this example it would be Centepede\{me}
  10. If you don’t have and once the package deploys (might take a while the first time to get all the references up to date on your Surface) You will see the Marble Maze Splash Screen. and if you go back to your desktop you will see:

Based off the original MSDN Blog.

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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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  1. mestreseo says:

    thanks very much for this great post! i had a lot of interesting thoughts while reading this which i might just put into action right away. thanks.

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