Resident Evil: Retribution Sucks!

Resident Evil: Retribution is without a doubt the worst Resident evil movie out there.. this series has turned into a zombie!

The Plot

is completely out of tune with the rest of the series, their are plot holes that are so large that you could drive a battalion of tanks through without even noticing!

and since when did Zombies know how to use guns a ride motorcycles? But the spinner n the pimped out Bentley add a real classy touch! Unless Umbrella has a genetic sample from almost everyone on the planet there is no way they could clone all of the people who are in this video… really did anyone check this thing for consistency? Why would they have leather combat gear in a drawer in the prison holding cell? Where do Former NBA stars get combat raining to become crack special ops capable? I can buy that Alice has been cloned thousands of times in probably every Umbrella facility, but really..? cloning random people for testing, after they have just blown away hundreds of uninfected people..? No serious scientific or evil corporation would waste the resources..? and when did Zombie mutant dogs start cocooning their captives? it’s getting to the point where you simply are better off watching the Syfy channel for quality zombie movies anymore… Are those people um sorry clones, hanging from meat hooks! and why doesn’t the dog mutant go after the clones in the facility?  this is a -100 stars worst movie I’ve seen in a long while.. it was so bad I started blogging while watching the movie.. .Ohh and of course this happens… the sub just happens to come and surface right under the crawler… lemme guess more zombies… Ohh I was wrong it was all of the people who just drowned in the facility!.. and off course you have two of the most mutated nearly humans possible each carrying very elaborate hand to hand weapons (granted an Ice Climbing Axe is not that much of a weapon but it looks scary).. and how does the crawler just start up and turn off.. those things done’t have electronic on them?!

3D doesn’t make a movie

and if there was ever any doubt watch this movie in 2D and you will see what I mean.. I hate that you can tell when a movie was “shot for 3-D”… There are so many storytelling  pitfalls in this approach.

Ohh and now there are zombie dragons…  what a crock of Crap.

About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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