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Three Paths …

Windows 8 Game Development This article which is a digest of the Build talk 3-107 : Chas Boyd : Core technologies for Windows 8 games, will help you catch the high brush stroke concepts to help you get started in the … Continue reading

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Designing Games or Windows 8 Digested

Here is a breakdown of the content presented in the video 2-106 : Shai Hintz : Designing games for Windows 8  from Build: N `NOÄ Windows 8 Input Specs Often referred to as  accordance, hardware interaction with the user in the Windows 8 … Continue reading

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I see your Gamification, and I raise you Gameducation. Gamification has become part of the developer lexicon, A recent article posits: … Caroline Avey, director of innovative learning solutions at ACS Learning Services, a division of Xerox, and an expert in the … Continue reading

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Fictional Worms

I saw this wonderful fan fiction picture (below) and it got me wondering about how many large worm monsters are depicted in science Fiction… (not all of these are large worms… and not all are in “Science Fiction” D&D doesn’t … Continue reading

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BDC Model Checker

Why has nobody come up with a VSTS extension to check BDC model structures..??!!! As we all know it is best practices to use a view to decouple your ALM from the DB. But how do we decouple developer dependence on deploy-debugging of … Continue reading

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Movie Studio Platinum 12.0

I’ve been recording a Video Tutorial for Packt Publishing using Movie Studio Platinum 12.0, and here are some of the video’s I’ve found helpful: And I’m happy to say that it is Windows 8 upgrade friendly!   This is a … Continue reading

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Updated my XBOX Live Avatar

I recently updated my Avatars style and props thanks to Bing Rewards. Well o.k. I was told to by my girlfriend, as it wasn’t representative of how I actually look:   You can get these images for your avatar from XBOX here

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Upgrading from Win7 to Win 8 (Pro)

Thanks to Magenic and SilverlightShow I purchased the Windows 8 Upgrade from Amazon, well actually pre-ordered, with gift cards, but anyways. So I was going to upgrade last night, but I really wanted to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, so … Continue reading

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“Knowing” about Benghazi

I find it interesting that anyone who understands how intelligence works can be discussing  Benghazi, Libya and find anyone at fault a priori. I used to tutor statistics, let me break this down for you. 1. The United States of America … Continue reading

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Originally posted on John The Aussie:
Beware of using indicators, it gives aware your intentions.  A real driver never has the need to use them.  If you are worried about the vehicle behind you becoming aware of you turning shortly…

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