Hello Hadoop

I am very interested in Graph databases (for my AI, and game and  on and on…) so I talked to Steve Hughes, who said.. (and has said this to me so many times I think I’m annoying him) “Why don’t you Use Hadoop ?”

O.k. a little back story now Hadoop has been a Big Data solution that Microsoft has been working with for a while now (over a year at least since I heard about it..) and there are many links out there talking about Microsoft and Hadoop. As well as how to set up your Hadoop Cluster on Azure.

So I looked into it today (again), and although it looks like it has become easier since the last time I looked at it (about a year ago) it is still way to complicated for me, as I  like no-MUSS Databases (simple to Maintain & Use & Setup & Support) like SQL.  The real killer for me was that I still need to sign up for an Azure License. I have looked into setting up my own Windows 2012 Server, however Hadoop runs on Apache,  and I don’t want that. So for now the Yellow Elephant will get away…

About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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