I am once again out of the loop as it turns out there is a large group of people out there building R2-D2 droids… But the culture goes farther then that .. they also have Droid Swimwear!!!!

It is the Droid I was Looking for!!!! Apparently it was all the rage on Alderaan in it’s last days…

Now back to The Real Deal->

They have a club for Building R2D2 !!! You can Check out, or you can check out the resource list found on the Brazilian mirror site I think the key is to realize however that the droid will look like R2D2 you won’t get all of the added features, like fully functioning AI, Rockets, Communication device, Holographic projector, Magnetic traction feet (for EVA) etc… But I think If you were as Lucky as This Guy (who got his R2D2 signed by basically the entire Crew of Star Wars.. If I could only find a way to make my R2D2 a bit more usefull around the house (without disassembling a Roomba .. all of a sudden I am reminded on Johnny 5 (kit here))…  


How many of the above do you see below?


About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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