Pictorial History of Microsoft

I have gathered together a pictorial history of Microsoft, in my travels to find a pictorial history/evolution of the Microsoft Graphics API’s (GDI->GDI+->DirectX->WDDM (silverlight, and WPF). I know that it is out there, I’ve seen it (photographic memory) but I have yet to find it again (and my ‘nearly’ photographic memory is hazy in parts). All images have relevant links (or credential links). If you’d like to add some of these events to Jeff Sinclair’s 2000’s History Timeline on Dipity, I’m fairly positive he would approve, otherwise enjoy:

Before Microsoft

I hate to put the last first, but  Microsoft Research has an Azure based technology (bleeding edge) that deserves to be up front, to tell you about ancient history…

(Microsoft Site)

After the planet cooled, Man evolved, and made art…

Before there was Microsoft

Some time later Humans learned textiles, the wheel, fire, locomotion, electricity, aviation, and eventually computers:

Then we needed a way to communicate with are soon to be robotic overlords so we developed language:

That’s a lot of languages!

And eventually a child was born…

And then there was Gates…..

This spawned Microsoft….

After Microsoft

… and then as Microsoft grew it started to gobble up other entities around it to become better, faster… the million dollar Man if you will…  I have here a “subway” (not the metro line mind you) drawing of how Microsoft has developed it’s breadth of tech offerings and background.

So that is the corporate overview, but what about the things that we recognize as being “Microsoft”?

The Software

Perhaps one of the most commonly recognized Microsoft offerings is Office. With Windows 8 Office has  made it into the 2013 version, but what did it look like as a baby?

I really like the cleverness of the Subway map.. don’t you? Also note that the page this map is linked to has a Zoom.It version for exploration..!!!

More recently Microsoft has dropped MSN messenger and picked up Skype, personally I like how Skype was an Apple and Android technology, that embraced Microsoft

The history of Excel has apparently drawn far less interest (or was basically more boring) then some of the others…

But Microsoft, Great Plains and CRM can’t really claim mush more Historian Love.
Click Image to see how Microsoft impacts Manufacturing

The Languages:

I realize that SharePoint is not a language, however when I think of development, and I believe many would agree, you need to speak SharePoint to do SharePoint, so I’ve chosen to include it here as a segway into operating systems as it is really more of a Server OS “Language” to me. SharePoint has an interesting history, has gone through many renaming and re-branding’s and is still evolving and acquireing!

Windows OS

The Windows OS is also rather interesting as to how it has grown and evolved, an evolutionary tree complete with dead ends. the Article “History of Microsoft Operating Systems Timeline,” by Fahad Bin Ali KhilGi covers the OS and it’s variations quite thoroughly, in fact in certain better detail even than Wikipedia’s entry!  if your more visual here are a number of somewhat redundant OS  history diagrams in varying detail:

How Microsoft developed their OS’s
(Doesn’t show Vista, Win7, or Win8)

Click Image to see Dates and Code Names

Windows CE history

History of Microsoft from Wikipedia

Operating Systems and Technology


Economic History of Microsoft

History of Microsoft Disputes

A side by side comparison of Offerings of “The Big Three”

Check out the large sphere of Mobil competition or go read an article from the guardian.

Go check out the article by  George Kokkinidis

Go Check out the article by George Kokkinidis.

No History would be complete without discussing the trials tribulations and complaints here is a war map that tells the tale:

Thanks for you consideration..

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