FBX Scene Loading into XNA

I’ve been cleaning out some of the blog post ideas I’ve had over the past couple of years and never completed and I came across this post about making an FBX scene loader for XNA, a topic I was once rather interested in.

Why would you want to do this?

  1. You would be able to open your levels in Blender and manipulate them there, as I know from experience manipulating models inside your game to build out your level is tiresome. [ref]
  2. It is an alternative to editing the scene in your own hand rolled editor [ref] [ref]
  3. But if you Must roll your own you could start here
  4. It may be easier to just use something like Metali [ref] or Sunburn [ref]

Here is how it seems one would go about doing it:

  1. Create a parser that can disassociate the the parts of the scene into their respective models.[ref]
    • Get to know the Content Pipeline [ref]
  2. Be sure to handle all the matrix operations to get stuff located properly[ref]
    • this can get tricky (be forewarned)[ref]
  3. You will need to make a custom Shader Pipeline and align your approach in the editor to work with your available Shaders (might be supporting reason to role your own Editor)[ref]

About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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