Fun with Generators

I love the idea of code generators (been using Code Smith Recently), and I even keep a project lying around on my hard drive(s) called Zathras, (an alien from the Babylon 5 Universe who works tirelessly) that has a bunch of helper methods for writing code that I know is going to be tedious and I can’t get around…. (Some of the AI Code for my FANS  is a good example). However I would like to acknowledge the hard working computer for generating some of my code and helping me tell it what to do.

Thanks Computer

Thanks Computer

Other Generators I find interesting are the Class Namer (navigat to the link and get a class name {while writing this post it generated: NonblockingCharacterDescriptor}. In Fact I would like to thank Class Namer for helping me win a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Silverlight Show in an IDeedit challenge  :

[ OnAccountResolutionCompletionFailedDueToUnknownSystemEventErrorQuencher ](o.k. I didn’t use Class Namer, but I used the principal of what they are doing….)…

Also I would like to give  a Shout Out to Jason Bock for creating Spackle, it’s a wonderfully user friendly piece of software, and should be adopted by Microsoft as part of their Testing Suite. Here is a description of Spackle if your not familiar, and the source if  you want to dive in and figure out how it does it’s magic (hint : Lots of Reflection) . I think we need to get Spackle an Icon however….. hmmmm…

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