XBOX ONE Reveal… – Reviewed

New Features

  • Personalizable home screen
  • “Trending” Live Tile
  • TV Tuner
    • voice activated
    • Replaces your cable receiver
    • XBOX ONE Guide
    • HULU -Like Favorites & Trending
  • Multi Tasking
  • Multi threading “desktop”
  • Natural User Interface
    • Use your xbox like in Minority report
  • Skype on your T.V.
  • ESPN integrated with Fantasy Leagues


XBOX ONE (x64) Architecture

Windows Kernel runs 2 OS’s , One for Gaming one for Apps.

  • 8GB Memory
  • 3 x64 OS’s with HyperV (2 that are accessible and one to switch between them)
  • Smart power management
    – turns off unused cores

New Kinect Sensor (1080p camera)

  • Better Voice
  • Better Gesture
  • 2GB of data / second
  • More skeleton Joints
  • Heartbeat Sensors


  • 40 innovations
  • New D-pad
  • Smaller Battery Pack

Smart Glass

“Kinect, Controller & Smart Glass” all designed to be part of the same platform with a lag free instant control experience.


New XBOX Live Service which since inception increased through 3K to 15K servers currently  300K Servers will go on line for XBOX One! Asynchronous match making, to allow you to find a good opponent while multi-tasking. Larger player numbers for in game experiences.



Releasing 15 new Games in the first year, with 8 of those slated to be new Franchises


Live action Halo T.V. series, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Call of Duty : Ghosts

  • Vastly better graphics
    • more shaders
    • Sub D
    • Volumemetric Lighting
    • Higher Poly Counts
  • Better AI
  • A Dog
  • Dynamic Maps
  • Deeper Customization
  • Downloadable content will be available on XBOX ONE First.
  • New Tech.
  • Low latency controls
  • 60 FPS

–Overall the new Philosophy seems to be partner up with major content providers to offer customized content “Channels” which will set the XBOX One apart from the crowd as the all in one device for your entertainment needs.

About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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One Response to XBOX ONE Reveal… – Reviewed

  1. sleeper78 says:

    Sounds nice if you are into that kind of thing.

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