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To build a better mouse trap…

Where is the next Horizon? I find it appropriate as we have gotten to the plateau and nobody can seem to see the next higher mountain… and I am in a “giving my opinion” mood lately… So what are the … Continue reading

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Making Normal Maps

Gimp Gimp offers a plugin that will assist you in making your normal map called creatively enough normalMap supported by google. You can get some pointers from the Elderscrolls mod wiki on how to use Gimp  to get your normal maps working properly. … Continue reading

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Sound Mastering for your Indie Game

Every once in awhile i need to edit audio manually & quickly so I would like to plug Audacity as a great go to free audio editing tool. I Do not recommend Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software  

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Kendo Grid Extension “Tutorial”

I’ve been working to extend a Kendo Grid to achieve some fairly custom behavior, I would like to share what I’ve come up with in the hopes that it will save you some time. O.k. it’s not much of a tutorial, but … Continue reading

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.. code it! Shoot.. I’ll just bing it

Scott Hanselman posted recently about the idea that we as developers should exercise our knowledge, and that searching the internet may not be so bad (go read it it’s short, then come back). I find this to be interesting. There has … Continue reading

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Wen Compound Miter Saw-Item: 70705

It is a bad saw, the cast iron base and retaining clip mount are of poor design, after about an hour’s use the cast iron retaining clip cracked and broke off. The “angle” markers for the compound miter are about … Continue reading

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SurfaceRT was it a blunder or a stumble?

I honestly think that the SurfaceRT is more a part of the “big picture” investment for MSFT, moving the industry into a paradigm that makes it harder to get copies of proprietary OS’s, and shifting the larger corporations to a … Continue reading

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