SurfaceRT was it a blunder or a stumble?

I honestly think that the SurfaceRT is more a part of the “big picture” investment for MSFT, moving the industry into a paradigm that makes it harder to get copies of proprietary OS’s, and shifting the larger corporations to a more service provider monetizing approach, and they are IMHO, doing a fairly good job of it, seeing as how the initial offering (Win8 (PC&Phone) & SurfaceRT/XBOX/SmartGlass) has made for some very unique, desirable dare I say even compelling user experiences.

Are they stumbling along the way? .. YES, but their new business model (and they said it openly at E3 ) is to make strategic partnerships with large partners to offer custom user experiences for their combined product (the NBA channel) features of XBOX one in conjunction with the bluetooth-like tablet experience.

This ends up being a chicken and the egg problem for MSFT. You want to offer a full user experience, but you can’t do that until you have had the opportunity to get feedback from the market (in their first real foray). So, now that they have garnered an understanding of what “works” and what doesn’t, they can start looking to improve on market share… Keep in mind that Apple has been doing this since 1979 and MSFT really only got into the game in 2000 (or whatever just a quick web search) ref, ref, ref.

So the recent news that Microsoft just dropped Steve Ballmer is and is not surprising to me, however what was surprising was that it took so long apparently the price point is $900M ..

Hmm  who knew!?

But realistically it’s about time.. Since Ballmer has been “in office” :

as CEO, Microsoft’s annual revenue surged from $25 billion to $70 billion, while its net income has increased 215 percent to $23 billion.  –Wikipedia

So… I guess it is only a matter of how you did in the last couple of Quarters that actually determines whether or not you get to keep your job…

.. Back to the Surface this is still going to have an effect on the overall direction of Microsoft in the coming years,  every hardware & software producer is going in the same direction on this approach, to the cloud with multiple devices, it is only a matter of how you can push adoption of the device/OS and how it is marketed… the iPad is a serious opponent, and the Galaxy series is huge overseas.. so carving out a niche in an already saturated market space is a huge task and for any executive to have their career tied to it is a bit unrealistic .. IMHO.

About Larry Louisiana

I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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