Wen Compound Miter Saw-Item: 70705


It is a bad saw, the cast iron base and retaining clip mount are of poor design, after about an hour’s use the cast iron retaining clip cracked and broke off. The “angle” markers for the compound miter are about 5-10 degrees off. the little support bars on the sides don’t actually fit into the mounting holes, and so when you go to tighten them down the bars end up being out of alignment with the base platform.. (useless). The lock pin is also poorly designed, it has a screwed on head, which means that when you go to pull the pin back (to release the saw) when you need to rotate it (to get it into “live” position) you end up unscrewing the head of the locking pin!. The handle feels a bit close to the blade, and makes it hard to look under there if you should need to line up your material on the right.

It was a gift, and so now I need to go out and have a new retaining clip made part: 70705-098 (I wouldn’t trust their replacement part if it is made the same way), Heading to the Machine shop today, should be ~$20 to repair (if I’m lucky)… (Update: ended up costing 50$ but it is a nice solid piece, probably the most durable part on my saw now.)

I do NOT recommend this product!

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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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