Making Normal Maps


Gimp offers a plugin that will assist you in making your normal map called creatively enough normalMap supported by googleYou can get some pointers from the Elderscrolls mod wiki on how to use Gimp  to get your normal maps working properly. or you can follow the tutorial for a train normal map here, and valve has published a “tutorial” (really more of a very high overview) of the process of refining your mappings.


Has a neat little tool that can help you, but it is commercial. There is a tutorial here, and I was first turned onto this one by 3D World, but is also mentioned in Blender Nation (can’t find the reference).

SSbump Generator 5.3 w/ CUDA

Open source and comes recommended from the Blender Modelling community. Here is a tutorial  using Calgari for Half life and a generic tutorial here.

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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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