Infographic Misdirection and Bias Influencing


From the article  By Brandon Bailey

From the article
By Brandon Bailey

When I saw this infographic it instantly stuck me as off. I had to look very closely to discover exactly how it was misleading me. This article is clearly biased in the favor of Google, the info depicted here implies market share or importance of development to the observer. It becomes very clear that the author didn’t dig for breadth and this infographic is a much better representation of the viewpoint and focus of this articles author as opposed to the state of industry. There was no comment on Qualcomm Zeroth processors, and all of the approaches describer herein use CPU & GPU approaches not NPU.  Perhaps the blame should go to Doug Griswald the artist, please Doug read my post about infographics and data representation before you make another.

At the very least this infographic should have been in chronological order (which would put Microsoft as the last “achiever”), but to give the companies different sizes.. Come On man.. Seriously..

  • Integrity -1
  • Professionalism -2



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