Pictographs at Hegman Lake

Early in the summer of 2012, I went up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). I bought a Fischer #9 map from the Duluth Pack store  in Canal Park, and drove up to Ely for a day trip to Hegman. We rented canoes and equipment from Wilderness Outfitters, and drove up the Echo…

The road was  a bit bumpy, but that happens, the 80 rod portage into South Hegman was mostly down hill, and relatively well kept. We paddled across South Hegman to the North,  where you portage past a beaver dam (5 rods). We paddled north through a couple of sprinkles (drizzling rain) to a “promising”boulder/rubble wall or two, until we passed the Island and all the loose boulders, then we came to a Narrowing in the lake with a tall 20-40 ft mostly shear rock face, where half way up were the Pictographs.

N. Hegman Flowers by the Pictographs

Distant pictograph image (see the red Center Left) On the West Shore.


A fern



The view looking north while at the Pictographs

looking south on N. Hegman by the Pictographs

looking south on N. Hegman by the Pictographs

a plant on noth hegman

An interesting looking plant.. Sick maybe?

Looking south-east on by the Pictographs.


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