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Error: Attempt by security transparent method ‘…Start()’ to access security critical method ‘..#System.String#’ failed.

Attempt by security transparent method ‘WebMatrix.WebData. PreApplicationStartCode.Start()’ to access security critical method System.Web.WebPages.Razor.WebPageRazorHost.AddGlobalImport#System.String#’ failed. All you need to do is to install Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Helpers.Mvc, simply use the NuGet Console and run the following command in the Package Manager Console PM> Install-Package … Continue reading

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #fitstats for 5/14/2012: 6,578 steps and 3.4 miles traveled.

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The Essential Paint.Net is perhaps the best simple graphics tool out there today IMHO. I’ve mentioned it before, But i just got a new machine and found myself downloading it again as if it were essential to my daily life, which perhaps it … Continue reading

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A friend sent me the link to The Daily WTF, I found this one to be the best: “I’m still not sure if the comment is a todo or an actual comment on what the code should do,” notes Alexander, … Continue reading

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The dreaded “Configuration system failed to initialize”

So has this ever Happened to you (if not then you’re lucky…) :   System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException was unhandled Message=”Configuration system failed to initialize” BareMessage=”Configuration system failed to initialize” I’ve discovered that the worst VS Error response is the one where the … Continue reading

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Paint.Net Icons

Recently I needed the ability to make Icons for a project, and being a long time fan of[Download] I wanted to use a program I was familiar with as luck would have it there is a plugin for this!

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Determination, Success and Innovation

I’ve been interviewing for new positions at various companies, and one of the questions that seems to keep coming up is this idea of success can be attained if one works hard enough. And while I cannot know what they … Continue reading

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More Space Ship Comparisons

The Nerdist posted this: In the original Star Wars movie, Han Solo boasted that his beloved Millennium Falcon was “the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.” In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, that meant that … Continue reading

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Pictographs at Hegman Lake

Early in the summer of 2012, I went up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). I bought a Fischer #9 map from the Duluth Pack store  in Canal Park, and drove up to Ely for a day trip to Hegman. … Continue reading

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Since when is this a “Religious Symbol”

Symbology or the study of the meaning of symbols, has IMHO come to new importance in the Modern Apps era where you need to convey meaning in an image. I’ve no idea how this particular symbol has been designated as … Continue reading

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