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Physics Engines

Here is a comparison/Anthology of a number of physics engines which could be used for implementing physics in an XNA game. Not all of these should in reality be called physics engines, however I’ve mostly propigated a buch of items … Continue reading

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Back in 1997 I took my first organic chemistry class, and in it we discussed the origins of organic compounds in a primordial soup. Ever since then I’ve had interest in the origins of life, “genetics”, knowledge transmission and of … Continue reading

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Fictional Worms

I saw this wonderful fan fiction picture (below) and it got me wondering about how many large worm monsters are depicted in science Fiction… (not all of these are large worms… and not all are in “Science Fiction” D&D doesn’t … Continue reading

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Blender Tutorials and Websites

I’ve briefly mentioned Blender in a previous post, but today I feel like I need to go slightly more in depth. Emphasis on slightly..   Blender, currently in version 2.58,  is one of my favorite XNA Content Creation tools. the newest version has … Continue reading

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