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XBOX ONE Reveal… – Reviewed

New Features Personalizable home screen “Trending” Live Tile TV Tuner voice activated Replaces your cable receiver XBOX ONE Guide HULU -Like Favorites & Trending Multi Tasking Multi threading “desktop” Natural User Interface Use your xbox like in Minority report Skype on … Continue reading

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Loading Path control from string with Binding

I’ve been wrestling with this dang idea for a long time lately and I found the answer.. hopefully this will help many others… as it turns out i don’t think you can Bind path data to a string, however you can get … Continue reading

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I am once again out of the loop as it turns out there is a large group of people out there building R2-D2 droids… But the culture goes farther then that .. they also have Droid Swimwear!!!! It is the … Continue reading

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That publish button gets me in trouble…

That Publish button get me in trouble… I don’t like this “QuickPress” feature I keep false publishing blogs.. it’s aggravating!…  I use it for saving thoughts for new blogs.. but I get confounded and undermined by the sneaky publish button, in the … Continue reading

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Designing Games or Windows 8 Digested

Here is a breakdown of the content presented in the video 2-106 : Shai Hintz : Designing games for Windows 8  from Build: N `NOÄ Windows 8 Input Specs Often referred to as  accordance, hardware interaction with the user in the Windows 8 … Continue reading

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