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C++ path into Win8

C++ in Win8 The most important (IMHO) thing to keep in mind is that you need to do some planning and make a decision as to which platforms you want to target (the reason why). Here I am focused on … Continue reading

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The 12 Types of Game Players

In this last weeks XNA UserGroup, we discussed aspects of game design, and how to target your audience with your game, here is a recap. Game Tutorials Love em’ or hate em’ game tutorials are a necessity, but everyone must … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID1059

ID1059: Cannot authenticate the user because the URL scheme is not https and requireSsl is set to true in the configuration, therefore the authentication cookie will not be sent. Change the URL scheme to https or set requireSsl to false on … Continue reading

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Scratchy Audio Fix

Audio In XNA Recently I downloaded a few audio clips from Pond5, and there were problems! Not with the audio nor with Pond5, althought the audio was a bit pricey it is good quality. The problem came when I was trying to … Continue reading

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