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Back in 1997 I took my first organic chemistry class, and in it we discussed the origins of organic compounds in a primordial soup. Ever since then I’ve had interest in the origins of life, “genetics”, knowledge transmission and of … Continue reading

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To build a better mouse trap…

Where is the next Horizon? I find it appropriate as we have gotten to the plateau and nobody can seem to see the next higher mountain… and I am in a “giving my opinion” mood lately… So what are the … Continue reading

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I am once again out of the loop as it turns out there is a large group of people out there building R2-D2 droids… But the culture goes farther then that .. they also have Droid Swimwear!!!! It is the … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution 2013

On The last day of 2012, I proposed to the love of my life (she said yes) and made a few other resolutions. studies say that you should make your resolutions public knowledge so that other can hold you to … Continue reading

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No, I’m not talking about Nasa’s ER7 : Simulation and Graphics Branch, even though I think it may be worth discussing later in greater detail, and Not ER7Pro, about which I have no clue as to the relevance of the zombie, I’m talking about BBC Radio … Continue reading

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Robots Shaped Like Females

Are they more dangerous then Zombies? Apparently I’m not the only one to notice that cyborgs can be made in attractive housings. However I wonder just how safe this really is for humanity… Think about it, a man will basically do whatever … Continue reading

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So maybe I’m behinde the times, but Bandai put out a toy Tachikoma in 2008 (or so): They made a Tachikoma “toy”.. Unfortunately wishwall’s post links to a die cast model, but they day is coming…. Imagine facing off against zombies in one of these bad … Continue reading

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Stargate and Sliders

VS     I watch a lot of T.V. while I code, lately I’ve watched the first three seasons of Sliders on and I’ve come to a conclusion about my beloved Stargate series… it is basically a remake of Sliders. … Continue reading

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Be prepared to bow before your robot overlord.

So we are coming close to judgement day… Here is the proof… If you would like to contribute to the subjugation of humanity I recommend: Microsoft Robotics Studio Kinect SDK And Also: How To Survive a Robot Uprising:     … Continue reading

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