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Loading Path control from string with Binding

I’ve been wrestling with this dang idea for a long time lately and I found the answer.. hopefully this will help many others… as it turns out i don’t think you can Bind path data to a string, however you can get … Continue reading

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Contract requir…

Contract requires Session, but Binding ‘BasicHttpBinding’ doesn’t support it or isn’t configured properly to support it.   .. you need to make a session duh!

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WIF Error: ID4039

ID4039: A custom ServiceAuthorizationManager has been configured. Any custom ServiceAuthorizationManager must be derived from  IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager I got this one trying to implement  Securing WCF Data Services using WIF and i resolved it by switching to IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager

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WIF Error: ID6013

ID6013: Signature verification failed. -comes in the form of a popup error when you attempt to run the Federation Utility and add an existing STS. -Also happens spontaniously if something tries to modify the token en-transit. see here See this … Continue reading

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Setting Up WIF

Last fall I posted this to CodeProject, however I had promised to update it with .. well updates, and as that project got going I lost track of time.. so here is that same post, I will be posting the … Continue reading

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