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C++ path into Win8

C++ in Win8 The most important (IMHO) thing to keep in mind is that you need to do some planning and make a decision as to which platforms you want to target (the reason why). Here I am focused on … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID1039

ID1039: The certificate’s private key could not be accessed. Ensure the access control list (ACL) on the certificate’s private key grants access to the application pool user. Give READ permission to the group IIS_IUSRS to the files located at: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID4039

ID4039: A custom ServiceAuthorizationManager has been configured. Any custom ServiceAuthorizationManager must be derived from  IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager I got this one trying to implement  Securing WCF Data Services using WIF and i resolved it by switching to IdentityModelServiceAuthorizationManager

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WIF Error: ID4036

ID4036: The key needed to decrypt the encrypted security token could not be resolved from the following security key identifier ‘<KeyInfo xmlns=”….. {omitted}…Ensure that the SecurityTokenResolver is populated with the required key. -SOLUTION: you have the wrong signing credentials for this STS, … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID1059

ID1059: Cannot authenticate the user because the URL scheme is not https and requireSsl is set to true in the configuration, therefore the authentication cookie will not be sent. Change the URL scheme to https or set requireSsl to false on … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID6013

ID6013: Signature verification failed. -comes in the form of a popup error when you attempt to run the Federation Utility and add an existing STS. -Also happens spontaniously if something tries to modify the token en-transit. see here See this … Continue reading

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WIF Error: ID4213

ID4213: Cannot parse the ClaimType ‘//Blah#Identities’ into a constituent name and namespace. Parameter name: claim (by removing the ‘#’ I get  ID4254)

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WIF Error: ID4254

ID4254: The AttributeValueXsiType of a SAML Attribute must be a string of the form ‘prefix#suffix’, where prefix and suffix are non-empty strings. Parameter name: value Remove the Issued by claim, resolved the problem. new Claim(“//blah/UserID#”,//here the ‘#’ is o.k. “1”//, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“LocalURLofThisService”] );

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WIF Error: ID1023

ID1023: The security token endpoint is not hosted on a secure https connection. -Put it into a secure https site, by going into IIS> clicking on the site/app and changing the SSL settings to require SSL.

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WIF Error: ID1044

ID1044: An encrypted security token was received at the relying party which could not be decrypted. Configure the relying party with a suitable decryption certificate. Current relying party decryption certificate info:[Thumbprint] {some thumbprint} -related to ID4036

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