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How do I debug That?

Well it turns out that you can’t… You can not debug into C++ on an XP machine from the newest tool-sets, contrary to what is posted at the MSDN Blog  Windows XP Targeting with C++ in Visual Studio 2012 If … Continue reading

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HRESULT: 0X80070043

The network name cannot be found. One possible solution is to use Regedit to modify (on my Windows 7 machine) HKEY_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Shell Folders->Personal HKEY_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/User Shell Folders->Personal Note: There had been some changes in the network recently and they did not propagate to this … Continue reading

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Loading Path control from string with Binding

I’ve been wrestling with this dang idea for a long time lately and I found the answer.. hopefully this will help many others… as it turns out i don’t think you can Bind path data to a string, however you can get … Continue reading

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News Flash

I was reading an article about how Win8 outperforms Win7, and I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. The article was talking about how Win8 graphics outperforms Win7 graphics and set the tone that it was an amazing breakthrough,   … Continue reading

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Portable Class Libraries

Tuesday I attempted to gave a talk at Code Mastery MN about Portable Class Libraries in Windows 8. Turns out PCL development is harder than I had thought it would be. I thought I would convert the Platformer XNA game over … Continue reading

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Movie Studio Platinum 12.0

I’ve been recording a Video Tutorial for Packt Publishing using Movie Studio Platinum 12.0, and here are some of the video’s I’ve found helpful: And I’m happy to say that it is Windows 8 upgrade friendly!   This is a … Continue reading

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Upgrading from Win7 to Win 8 (Pro)

Thanks to Magenic and SilverlightShow I purchased the Windows 8 Upgrade from Amazon, well actually pre-ordered, with gift cards, but anyways. So I was going to upgrade last night, but I really wanted to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, so … Continue reading

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TFS use different credentials

Using VSTS, when your TFS server is on another domain then your machine, you will often get an error messsage when trying to connect to TFS with a link to use Different Credentials, however there may be a bug on … Continue reading

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