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SurfaceRT was it a blunder or a stumble?

I honestly think that the SurfaceRT is more a part of the “big picture” investment for MSFT, moving the industry into a paradigm that makes it harder to get copies of proprietary OS’s, and shifting the larger corporations to a … Continue reading

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XBOX ONE Reveal… – Reviewed

New Features Personalizable home screen “Trending” Live Tile TV Tuner voice activated Replaces your cable receiver XBOX ONE Guide HULU -Like Favorites & Trending Multi Tasking Multi threading “desktop” Natural User Interface Use your xbox like in Minority report Skype on … Continue reading

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Pictorial History of Microsoft

I have gathered together a pictorial history of Microsoft, in my travels to find a pictorial history/evolution of the Microsoft Graphics API’s (GDI->GDI+->DirectX->WDDM (silverlight, and WPF). I know that it is out there, I’ve seen it (photographic memory) but I have yet to find … Continue reading

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Impact of Halo on elections

I would like to see a scientifically reliable poll n the impact of the release of Halo 4 on the outcome of the election. It occurs to me that the release of Halo 4 could have an impact on the outcome of … Continue reading

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Breakdown of Windows 8 Games Topics Presented at //Build/

‘[Microsoft] has apparently elected to take a much riskier, and gutsier, approach: turn Windows 8 into a serious gaming platform.  Microsoft can’t help but get into “PC” gaming in a big way, because there’s no such thing as PC gaming … Continue reading

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Game Engine API’s For Win8

XNA is a Zombie!  You cannot, and will not be developing in Microsoft’s fully supported version of XNA in Windows 8. If you want to use an XNA-like API then you will need to look at some of the 3rd … Continue reading

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Three Paths …

Windows 8 Game Development This article which is a digest of the Build talk 3-107 : Chas Boyd : Core technologies for Windows 8 games, will help you catch the high brush stroke concepts to help you get started in the … Continue reading

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Designing Games or Windows 8 Digested

Here is a breakdown of the content presented in the video 2-106 : Shai Hintz : Designing games for Windows 8  from Build: N `NOÄ Windows 8 Input Specs Often referred to as  accordance, hardware interaction with the user in the Windows 8 … Continue reading

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Updated my XBOX Live Avatar

I recently updated my Avatars style and props thanks to Bing Rewards. Well o.k. I was told to by my girlfriend, as it wasn’t representative of how I actually look:   You can get these images for your avatar from XBOX here

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Play-Pause-Resume XBOX Live

A while back i was watching a talk about PlayPauseResume for XBOX Live, unfortunately I can’t remember which talk or conference it was in, but I think it was presented at or around the same time as SmartGlass at e3.  Anyways I was really hoping to … Continue reading

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