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Isn’t it A-mazing!?

While starting this research I noticed how many of these “maze” posts start with an explanation of just why you would be interested in mazes… and as I have nothing new to offer in that category, I will refrain from … Continue reading

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So you wanna make a Healthcare website..?

All the kerfluffel around the HealthCare.Gov website debacle is a bit funny and frustrating to me. I start with the frustrating bits, and then I will discuss the humor in it all. It’s Frustrating that the Senators are not asking the right questions and … Continue reading

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XBOX ONE Reveal… – Reviewed

New Features Personalizable home screen “Trending” Live Tile TV Tuner voice activated Replaces your cable receiver XBOX ONE Guide HULU -Like Favorites & Trending Multi Tasking Multi threading “desktop” Natural User Interface Use your xbox like in Minority report Skype on … Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Retribution Sucks!

Resident Evil: Retribution is without a doubt the worst Resident evil movie out there.. this series has turned into a zombie! The Plot http://www.residentevil-movie.com/site/ is completely out of tune with the rest of the series, their are plot holes that are … Continue reading

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Game Engine API’s For Win8

XNA is a Zombie!  You cannot, and will not be developing in Microsoft’s fully supported version of XNA in Windows 8. If you want to use an XNA-like API then you will need to look at some of the 3rd … Continue reading

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Upgrading from Win7 to Win 8 (Pro)

Thanks to Magenic and SilverlightShow I purchased the Windows 8 Upgrade from Amazon, well actually pre-ordered, with gift cards, but anyways. So I was going to upgrade last night, but I really wanted to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, so … Continue reading

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“Knowing” about Benghazi

I find it interesting that anyone who understands how intelligence works can be discussing  Benghazi, Libya and find anyone at fault a priori. I used to tutor statistics, let me break this down for you. 1. The United States of America … Continue reading

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No, I’m not talking about Nasa’s ER7 : Simulation and Graphics Branch, even though I think it may be worth discussing later in greater detail, and Not ER7Pro, about which I have no clue as to the relevance of the zombie, I’m talking about BBC Radio … Continue reading

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Popular culture

Zombies, …. well they are every where now! Apparently this whole Zombie LARP thing that was on Castle recently is actually real! I was wearing my new shirt and some guy asked me if I partisipate in the student zombie LARP … Continue reading

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So maybe I’m behinde the times, but Bandai put out a toy Tachikoma in 2008 (or so): They made a Tachikoma “toy”.. Unfortunately wishwall’s post links to a die cast model, but they day is coming…. Imagine facing off against zombies in one of these bad … Continue reading

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