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More Space Ship Comparisons

The Nerdist posted this: In the original Star Wars movie, Han Solo boasted that his beloved Millennium Falcon was “the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.” In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, that meant that … Continue reading

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Back in 1997 I took my first organic chemistry class, and in it we discussed the origins of organic compounds in a primordial soup. Ever since then I’ve had interest in the origins of life, “genetics”, knowledge transmission and of … Continue reading

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To build a better mouse trap…

Where is the next Horizon? I find it appropriate as we have gotten to the plateau and nobody can seem to see the next higher mountain… and I am in a “giving my opinion” mood lately… So what are the … Continue reading

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Fictional Worms

I saw this wonderful fan fiction picture (below) and it got me wondering about how many large worm monsters are depicted in science Fiction… (not all of these are large worms… and not all are in “Science Fiction” D&D doesn’t … Continue reading

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Space Justice

I was watching BattleStar Galactica today,  and I was wondering to myself how it is that Tom_Zarek, never got shoved out an airlock. It is eventual justice that he and Felix_Gaeta  eventually get the firing squad, but it got me to thinking about … Continue reading

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Space Ships

Here is a fairly extensive selection of space ship comparisons… originaly found here This isn’t actually complete.. a more complete list of space ships can be found here, (http://merzo.net/), they are not as side by side and the images are … Continue reading

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