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FBX Scene Loading into XNA

I’ve been cleaning out some of the blog post ideas I’ve had over the past couple of years and never completed and I came across this post about making an FBX scene loader for XNA, a topic I was once … Continue reading

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Fun with Generators

I love the idea of code generators (been using Code Smith Recently), and I even keep a project lying around on my hard drive(s) called┬áZathras, (an alien from the Babylon 5 Universe who works tirelessly) that has a bunch of … Continue reading

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C++ Lib or Dll?

I have been looking into Developing Win8 Games using C++ and the first question I was faced with was should I use a C++ Lib or a C++ Dll, and what is the difference, why should I choose one over … Continue reading

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I don’t always FTP but when I do I FilleZilla {I used CuteFTP back in the day like 1996, but it seems a bit clunky to me now..}

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TFS Errors TF246017 & TF400324

TF246017: Team Foundation Server could not connect to the database. Verify that the server that is hosting the database is operational, and that network problems are not blocking communication with the server. TF400324: Team Foundation services are not available from … Continue reading

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