WIF Error: ID6013

ID6013: Signature verification failed.
-comes in the form of a popup error when you attempt to run the Federation Utility
and add an existing STS.

-Also happens spontaniously if something tries to modify the token en-transit.
see here

See this MSDN post if your trying to add claims and hook the enhansed
STS up to a service or site as Existing STS

Channel 9 comment:

The federation metadata document is a signed document and should not be edited or
reformatted by hand. Anyone who is interested in the details of the schema, can
find the specification at . http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/federation/v1.2/ws-federation.pdf I

	public static class TokenVisualizerFactory
		private static readonly ITokenVisualizerInternalFactory[] availableFactories =
			new ITokenVisualizerInternalFactory[] 
				new SamlTokenVisualizerInternalFactory(),
				new Saml2TokenVisualizerInternalFactory(),
				new X509TokenVisualizerInternalFactory()

		private interface ITokenVisualizerInternalFactory
			Type SupportedToken { get; }

			ITokenVisualizer GetTokenVisualizer(SecurityToken token);

		public static ITokenVisualizer GetTokenVisualizer(SecurityToken token)
			foreach (var factory in availableFactories)
				//null token here means you forgot to add bootstrapper to the config file
				if (factory.SupportedToken == token.GetType())
					return factory.GetTokenVisualizer(token);
			return null;

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I'm a Microsoft Partner Consultant.
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